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The essence of a book cover redesign is to have an amazing cover design that stands out and gets the purchasers’ consideration.

In case you’re self-publishing, utilizing an amazing cover is one of the most significant steps you can take towards attracting readers

This article will explore:

  • Signs that show that your book needs a new-look
  • Ways of making an amazing redesign
  • What you need to pay attention to when selecting a designer for your book cover redesign

A design should fascinate and attract readers. However, how will you know when you need a cover redesign?

For you to know this, you need to evaluate the current design you have to know whether it fulfills some basic quality standards. To know this, here are some questions you must answer;

  • Does your cover incorporate patterns that make it perform well in the genre?
  • Is the typeface efficient?
  • Is the title obvious and decipherable when seeing a thumbnail?
  • If a snippet is incorporated, is the content intelligible or does it make the cover look jumbled?

Book sales are probably the greatest indicator of viability. However, it can be difficult determining whether low sales of your book is solely based on an unappealing cover. If sales fell after a new book buzz, or if you never made sales at all, then the problem may be that your cover is not engaging enough. This means you need a book cover redesign.

Russell Blake, who has sold more than 400,000 thriller once commented in a post in Feb 2014 on how he often changed designs in order to find a cover that resonates with readers and attracts sales.

So, how do you go about redesigning a cover?

There are three ways you can go about this.

First, you can make use of Pre-Made Covers. With this, all you need to do is a few tweaking . The benefit of this step is that it gives you access to a lot of amazing designs done by very experienced professionals.

Also, for as low as $19, you can get an already made cover, with more sophisticated ones costing up to $100. However, the limitation of this option is that you end up with a design that is not unique. Imagine finding using an already made cover and then finding another book with the same cover design, but with a different title and author name. You really don’t want such an experience.

Another option for a book cover redesign is to modify the current design.

All you may need to do is to change the pattern or the image or the color of your cover for you to get that design that appeals to and attracts readers. With this option, you don’t need to overhaul your entire design. All you need here is a good, experienced, and professional designer that can turn around the fortunes of your book with a number of tweaks.

The third option is to have a completely new-look. 

With proper research on what appeals to your potential readers, the type of concepts that grabs their attention, as well as a review of the design of some of the best-selling books in the same genre, your designer can develop a stunning design that will get your book selling.

Whether you want a modification or a completely new design, at Cool Book Designs we can provide you with a stunning and amazing book redesign that can turn around your book sales for the better.

While taking your ideas into consideration, we will research your potential readers and market to gain insights that will be used in giving your publication a new-look. Order today and let’s get started with giving that book a new-look.

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