Cover Design Secrets that will get Your Book Selling

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When you start writing, its likely that you may never considered your cover design to be an important part of your book sales. You must have heard that the first impression lasts forever. For books, it is the cover design a person sees first before deciding if your work is worth buying or not. Several authors today appreciate the need to have a stunning and elegant cover.

Most authors and publishers start with a tight budget, so they usually go for DIY and homemade covers. Although they have plenty of options to choose from, if a publisher thinks of his book cover as a blank canvas in which he can write anything anywhere, then such a piece of work can end up being a disastrous failure.

There is a need to understand that covers play a vital role in judging a book. Therefore, you need to put the same effort you put into writing, to ensuring you have a great book cover. You need to have a winning book cover that can grab the readers’ attention at first sight and make them buy your book. The question here is, how can you do it? We have gathered some secret tips and tricks that you can apply when designing your book cover, and you will see the results yourself.

1. Research the Market and Take Inspiration from Others

Designing an elegant book cover could be a very challenging task, and with so many options and varieties available, one can easily get confused. So if this is the case with you, then it is time that you grab a pen and a paper and visit your favorite bookstore. What you have to do is go through different books and assess their covers while noting down the points that inspire you the most on covers of different books. You have to see from an artist’s perspective, and ensure that you focus on the books that are recently released. It is because the book cover trends keep changing with time, so you don’t want something outdated for your book cover. It will also help if you look at the cover of books that are similar to your own genre. For instance, if you have written a book on business, you should look for books selling the most in the same genre and note down their cover designs. To make things easier for you, we have enlisted some key features of book covers that you should look for:

● What kind of design they have? Are they photographic, illustrated, or something else?

● Which Typeface is used for the names of authors, titles, and subtitles?

● What style font is used for the title? Are they bold, Italic, simple, or stylish?

● Size of the font used for the title, tagline, author name, etc.

● Which color scheme is used mostly? Pay attention to their color combinations.

● What is the key feature that attracts you the most? Is it a person, an object, or symbol?

You only have to take an idea from others’ designs because, in the end, what you really want to have is a cover that stands out on the bookshelf. If you have an idea of key features, it would be easy for you to make a start.

2. Pay Attention To Your Book’s Tone

Although it is important to pay attention to your genre, you also need to pay attention to your story. You have to consider the emotions that your story conveys. For example, if you have written a romantic novel, there could be plenty of emotions like happiness, love, or heartbreak, etc. You reader should be able to pick up the correct tone by just looking at the book cover.

3. Select A Designer Wisely

There are some authors that are not good at designing, but they have enough budget to hire someone to get it done. If you don’t know anything about designing, then it is better to leave it to the professionals. You can hire a designer and tell him about your requirements. He will get the job done for you. But choosing the appropriate person is a real challenge. When you start looking for a designer, you will come across plenty of agencies and freelance designers.

What you can do is, you can take a look at your favorite books and find their cover designers. Then you can search for them on the internet and check their portfolios. If the cover is designed by an agency, then you can contact them, and they will be responsible for getting your cover designed by the professionals. Alternatively, you can look for book cover designers on different freelancing platforms. There are plenty of designers out there that have listed their services on freelancing websites. You can check their reviews and previous work. If you are impressed by their work, you can hire them.

4. Keep the Design Minimal But Be Playful

Looking at various modern book cover designs, one thing you will find is that they are simple and minimal. It is simple to keep a design simple and make it interesting so that the readers don’t get bored when they look at it for the first time. You may need to perform different experiments to get it done right. It may take some extra time and effort, but once you get the right design, you will hit the gold.

5. Use Different Arts Concepts To Add Value

When you write a book, you do multiple drafts for each chapter to achieve perfection. The same should be done for your book cover. When you do iteration in your book cover, instead of modifying the same design again and again, you should try to bring innovations in your design every time you modify it. You can also have various design concepts that you can test one by one. Try using different elements and different approaches and see what fits the best.

Our Recommendation

When you are looking to get your book cover designed by a professional, make sure to check out Cool Book Designs. We are a group designers who create professional book covers. We are aware of all the secret tips and tricks that are needed to make powerful cover designs for your books and grab the attention of the readers. You can be rest assured that our book cover designs will bring you more business.

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